Chattanooga Clarinet Society
The music the Clarinet Society performs ranges from Classical to Jazz to Spiritual.

The Chattanooga Clarinet Society is a unique ensemble on the Chattanooga music scene.  It was founded by Jay Craven, former principal clarinetist with the
Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, in July 1998 after his retirement from the CSOA.  Its purpose is to provide a venue for clarinetists to perform together as an ensemble.  It is strictly a volunteer organization, and the only requirement for membership is that the players be competent on their instrument.  Present membership runs the gauntlet from professional players in the symphony and surrounding colleges, to a physician, a lawyer, public school classroom teachers, college students, office and service employees, housewives, and retirees.

The Clarinet Society is a choir of clarinet "voices."  There are 6 different kinds of clarinets, ranging from the tiny high-pitched Eb, to the regular Bb, the Eb Alto, the Bb Bass, the Eb Contra-Alto, and finally, the huge Bb Contra-Bass.  The overall sound is much like hearing a reed organ.  The repertoire ranges from pre-Bach to Jazz, from transcriptions of the masters to original compositions for the Clarinet Society.

Information on membership and/or performance availability can be obtained by contacting Nikolasa Tejero at: